“1277 days. That is almost three and half-years of on-time delivery and 100% quality,” said Steve Mickley, Senior Buyer at Honda EGA. He was addressing the leadership, administrative, production, engineering and manufacturing staff of RoMan Manufacturing at an early morning meeting at RoMan’s Corporate headquarters. “We have a great partnership with RoMan. And the reason I traveled here today is because I wanted to personally present our Outstanding Supplier award to all of you, and thank you for doing an outstanding job for us.”

In presenting the award, accepted on behalf of RoMan by Don DeCorte, Vice President—Resistance Welding Products and Nelson Sanchez—Chief Operating officer, Mickley said: “RoMan, among many other things is famous for quality, and it is my pleasure to present this well-deserved award on behalf of all of us at Honda.

RoMan produces water-cooled, resistance welding transformers used by Honda in their robotic manufacturing operations. The transformers are one of a kind units, specially designed by RoMan just for Honda, to meet their exact manufacturing process requirements.