Tomorrow’s Consumer Demands Supply Chain Value and so Should You

Great customer experiences aren’t defined by the storefront solely. It’s time to look beyond transactions - at what truly impacts the customer’s experience today and tomorrow.

The backbone of great, consistent customer experiences are efficient back-end operations. They ensure customers get what they want, when and how they want it. This principle puts the supply chain front and center.

Historically, the supply chain has largely remained in the background, focused on sourcing, manufacturing and distributing in a cost-efficient model. Even today the supply chain, often a legacy system, remains largely segmented and non-digitized. But changes are on the horizon, as companies everywhere are starting to rethink how to move forward.

Why now? For decades, the customer used to interact with the supply chain only at the store. Now a powerful customer who is always-on expects instant information from packaging to last mile delivery. Visibility and transparency into your supply chain have become the table stakes. Millennials and Gen Z have their own set of requirements: Seeking out sustainably produced goods, and requiring proof that can only be attained through tracing the product from its origin to the hand of its consumers. Customers expect to be well-informed, but even more than that, they want to be part of the process.


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