HexArmor Looks to Enlarge Global Footprint in Market


Steve Van Ermen recalls a steel industry client who had more than 170 serious injuries per year before he called Van Ermen.

As the co-founder, president and CEO of Grand Rapids-based HexArmor, Van Ermen was able to cut those injuries to zero with the company’s patented safety product, which is more than 10 times stronger than Kevlar.

“They had significant and serious injuries; when you get cut, it’s not clean,” Van Ermen said. “They put on our products and never had another, at least until I lost track six years in.”

Last month, the company partnered with German-based uvex Winter Holding to expand the company’s safety equipment line in the United States. Van Ermen believes the partnership will help HexArmor secure more of the $38 billion annual personal protective equipment market, which ranges from head to foot protection and everything in between. For the full article: